Like most fisherman, I love watching TV shows and YouTube channels of people fishing in a variety of locations, using every technique and catching great fish. However, one windblown, rainy Saturday afternoon, I was sitting at home watching one such show, wishing I was in my Kayak getting my surface lure bashed by some trophy fish when I realised there was no dedicated Kayak fishing show on the air!

I can understand why this might be the case – the logistics of fishing and filming from such a small vessel would be quite a challenge. But I also believe the lack of Kayak fishing shows is also due to the sport being relatively new to the mainstream angler and existing shows already identifying their audience.

Sure, some shows will do a kayak segment or review, but then quickly revert back to the safety of their boats, because that is what we as anglers are used to doing. We are comfortable with the tried and true. However, you only need to look out into Port Philip Bay or Sydney Harbour on just about any Saturday to realise just how many anglers own kayaks.

That is just the tip of the iceberg. I did some asking around a large majority of kayak owners have their yaks sitting in their sheds, seldom or even never getting them wet. There are many reasons for this – namely safety fears, experience, failed attempts or not knowing the best places to go.

That’s where Yak About comes in! We are currently filming our pilot episode for Australia’s channel 31.